Please note that those transcriptions are all first drafts (most are transcribed after 1 am) so not all are 100% accurate note by note. When I discover mistakes later on, I would memorize the right notes instead of correcting them on paper so please do the same.

Bud Powell - PARISIAN THOROUGHFARE from "The Amazing Bud Powell"

Nicholas PaytonEYE OF THE HURRICANE (concert) from "Fingerpaintings"

Nicholas Payton - EYE OF THE HURRICANE (Bb) from "Fingerpaintings"

Freddie Hubbard - YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING (concert) from "Hub-Tones"

Freddie Hubbard - YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING (Bb) from "Hub-Tones"

Herbie Hancock - YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING from "Hub-Tones"

Coleman HawkinsBODY AND SOUL from "Body and Soul"

Bill Evans - MINORITY from "Everybody Digs Bill Evans"

Bill Evans - OLEO from "Everybody Digs Bill Evans"

John Coltrane - SOME OTHER BLUES from "Coltrane Jazz"

John Coltrane - LITTLE OLD LADY from "Coltrane Jazz"

Red Garland - I COULD WRITE A BOOK from "Relaxin'"

Wynton Kelly - ON GREEN DOLPHIN STREET from "Kelly Blue"