As a self-taught jazz musician, I have gone through mountains and valleys to understand jazz and eventually learned this music the hard (yet highly enjoyable) way. The different shortcuts I discovered led to a collection of personal researching and practicing methods which primarily involve the rhythm found in jazz and its relation to its African ancestor.

As It is such a pleasure for me to share these ideas with other musicians, I put together a workshop that offers deep insight into the foundations of Jazz's rhythm, harmony and collective improvisation.

This workshop has so far been given in the cities of Palermo (Italy), Tunis (Tunisia), Cairo (Egypt) and Kuwait (part of the Nuqat conference).

A brief summary of the workshop's concept:

Deep insight into the rhythmic structure of Jazz by:
- Identifying rhythmic relationships between today's Jazz (and Cuban music) and their African ancestor.
- Understanding rhythmic subdivisions in all their permutations and groupings.
- Providing exercises that enhance rhythmic awareness and limb independence. 
- Discussing techniques to approach odd meters (5/8, 7/8, 11/8, etc). 

Deep insight into jazz harmony by:
- Understanding harmonic relationships and techniques used in improvisation.
- Providing reharmonization techniques and how to apply them to songs and improvised solos.
- Providing techniques that aim towards mastering improvisation such as scales, patterns, ear training and phrasing exercises.
- Finding unconventional and individual techniques to use in original composition.

If you're interested in private or group lessons about any of those topics, please find me on skype @ tareksyamani or shoot me an email at tarek(dot)yamani(at)yahoo(dot)com.