Trailblazing pianist transforms khaleeji music
Yamani plays jazz piano with more than a hint of Arab influence
— New York Times
Inspired by the common black roots of Khaleeji music and jazz, weaves refined cadences.
— La Libération
Luminous music anchored in jazz harmony and in Arab traditions. No kitsch postcards here, but a joyous and thoughtful vision.
— Télérama
Arabic modes run in his fingers as much as jazz, his playground
— Le Monde
A revelation... an organic hybrid of ecstatic proportions.
— New York City Jazz Record
Shimmering spidery piano godliness.
— Time Out
Provocative improvisation with a touch of thrilling angularity.
— All About Jazz
A Jazz Virtuoso
— Prestige Mag
A magician with his chromatics and disquieting passing tones.
— New York Music Daily
A world-jazz heard nowhere else
— TSF Jazz

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Live at Aaron Davis Hall, New York

Tarek Yamani: Piano
Sam Minaie: Bass
John Davis: Drums

Set list
Ah Ya Zein (Afro Dabke Style)
Sama’i Yamani
Chemali Wali (Iraqi Traditional)
New Dabke

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Tarek Yamani: Piano
Elie Afif: Bass
Khaled Yassine: Drums
Wahid Mubarak: Percussion
Ahmad Abdel Rahim: Percussion
Adil Abdallah: Guest Vocals

Recorded in Dubai
Mixed & mastered in New York

Video by Rawad El Hachem

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While boxing and jazz rely on improvisation, they both have a deep sense of resilience. Hala, an Arab American female boxer, and Kendrick, an African American jazz musician, improvise their way through a passive-aggressive America. 


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