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Yesterday (09/09) my age flipped it's 37th page

So let's give each other gifts.
Here's your chance to download my complete discography for a price of your choice.
No amount is too small; no amount is too great.

You already have one or all? Gift it to somebody you love.

What you'll get:

Ashur (2012): A selection of jazz standards and original compositions (plus a rearrangement of J. S. Bach's Prelude in C minor). This piano trio features the tuba instead of the traditional acoustic bass.

Lisan Al Tarab (2014): Jazz conceptions in Classical Arabic. As the name suggests, mostly classical Arabic music re-imagined for a contemporary jazz piano trio.

Peninsular (2017): Portraits in Khaleeji Rhythms and Jazz. Mostly compositions based on rhythms from the Arabian Peninsula for piano, keyboards, bass, drums and a khaleeji percussion section. This album also features a traditional song from Yemen, written by the 15th century Sufi scholar Abu Bakr Al Aydarus.

All music will be digital (CD quality) and delivered by WeTransfer. Please allow 24 hours to receive the goods.